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Q: Do you only provide services to nonprofits? 
A: We provide services to everyone and anyone who needs them, whether they be a small business, a nonprofit, a corporation, an individual, or anything in-between! We ourselves are a nonprofit, but that doesn’t mean we only work with other nonprofits—we want to create content for everyone!

Q: How much does a 1 minute video cost? 
A: We pride ourselves on being flexible and working within client budgets. That being said, video prices can vary depending on a lot of factors, and we don’t want to estimate costs without knowing more about the project and what it entails. The main factors that come into play are time and personnel. Most projects start at about $1000.

Q: What services do you offer?
A: You can check out some examples of our work here. We offer video, photo, live streaming, drone photography and video and more. Video can range from social media ads, event coverage, “about us” videos, interviews, livestream coverage, and short form documentary pieces.

Photo services can include event coverage, professional headshots, product photography, and commercial photography. We are also able to print photos on site, which is great for events and company parties. 

Q: How does payment work since you are a nonprofit? 
A: Shape Cleveland is a nonprofit organization, but that doesn’t change how payment for services are accepted. We accept checks and card payment. Depending on the cost of the project, our 501(c)(3) status can allow you or your company to write off the expense as a donation to the Shape. This is not required, but it is an option.

Q: So why are you a nonprofit? 
A: While we are a production company, we are a nonprofit because all of our work is education based. We have student interns who work with us on all projects and get hands-on experience about what it is like to work in photo and video production. Our interns are extremely talented and hard working, but they are still learning, and therefore we also have our professional partners who work with the students on projects. If your company hires Shape to create a video, our interns will be a part of the production process, but they won’t be the only ones working on it. Our professional partners are our leaders, and the students work with them to create the final product. 

Q: My organization/business doesn’t have a budget for video, but we really need one. Can you help?
A: We pride ourselves on being flexible and doing what we can (within reason) to work within the budgets that clients provide to us. That being said, we do also provide resources on our website for people to get videos sponsored, or for organizations to find grants to help fund projects. You can find more info here

Q: I want to intern with Shape! How can I apply? 
A: We have an application you can fill out right here.

Q: I want to work for Shape, but I’m not a student. How can I get involved? 
A: We aren’t always hiring staff members, but even if you aren’t a student intern you can still work with Shape! We have had a handful of young professionals who have an interest in photo/video volunteer with us in the past to gain experience. If you have a level of experience in the field, we have opportunities that exist for you too! Feel free to send an email to hello@shapewithus.org and we can chat more about how to collaborate. 

Q: Are interns paid? 
A: Intern opportunities can be paid or unpaid depending on a variety of circumstances. If a student is interning for Shape in order to receive school credit, they are typically paid in their school credits during that time. However, students have the opportunity to be paid if they stay with Shape after their required coursework is completed. If a student is not interning for school credit, they may be paid depending on their level of experience working in the field. 

Q: Do you offer in-kind services for nonprofits? 
A: If an organization does not have a budget for a project, we encourage them to check out the “Fund a Project” section of our Donate page where they can learn about project funding through sponsorships or partnerships.

Let’s Shape something great together.

Shape’s affordable and professional services are available to all Cleveland-based nonprofits and local businesses. Learn more or get in touch with us about your next project.

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CHey there, this is the default text for a new paragraph. Feel free to edit this paragraph by clicking on the yellow edit icon. After you are done just click on the yellow checkmark button on the top right. Have Fun!