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Shape is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 100% of donations go to educational internships, operations, and providing creative services for non-profits in Cleveland.

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We are dedicated to providing students with hands-on experience using state of the art filmmaking and photography equipment, and therefore also providing our clients with the highest quality products.  Part of student learning is giving them the opportunities to work with professionals in the creative arts industries. Shape frequently partners with these individuals and businesses to further student experiences. Donations to Shape help ensure that all of these opportunities for students are possible. A donation at any level will help further our ability to serve more students and local nonprofits.

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Shape Supporters

Shape has some wonderful sponsors who have provided product or service donations. 


Vivid Metal Prints is a wonderful company that pioneered the process of printing on metal. They have provided Shape with some beautiful sample prints, as shown here, as well as putting together a wonderful presentation for our student interns so that they too can learn about the process and benefits of printing on metal. 


EcoFlow has given Shape the power of freedom. As a small production house, we are constantly working in unpredictable locations for our shoots. One of the biggest challenges is how to power our equipment. EcoFlow has graciously donated its Delta and River products to Shape. We aren't exaggerating when we say that we use them all the time. Whether we are powering our lights, computers, PA system, or an entire table full of equipment to broadcast a live stream, EcoFlow is powering our productions constantly. We couldn't be happier with their products. Energy independence is something that allows Shape to be so flexible where and when we film. Join us this summer when we charge all our EcoFlow batteries with our Ecoflow solar panel and we run all our productions with clean solar energy. #poweredbyecoflow


LiteGear LiteMats are fantastic quality lighting that is also so lightweight and easy to move around. LiteGear was gracious enough to donate to Shape a few of their retiring rental gear kits. This was the first time Shape received any donation at all and we couldn't have been happier. These professional lights helped bring on an early legitimacy to our organization at a time when we couldn't have afforded such equipment ourselves. Now our staff and interns have access to professional and quality lighting for our interviews. 


We have always been excited by what Rhino Camera Gear does. From their original Arc camera slider to their much more advanced Arc II. Rhino has a history of creating products that are affordable and quality. We had the pleasure of meeting with Rhino at NAB in 2019 and Rhino offered Shape a wonderful discount on a completed Arc II kit. This offer was so kind and has allowed us to share this equipment with our team of interns and our staff. We've used their gear in countless shoots and we can't wait to see what they come up with next!


Let’s Shape something great together.

Shape’s affordable and professional services are available to all Cleveland-based nonprofits and local businesses. Learn more or get in touch with us about your next project.

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CHey there, this is the default text for a new paragraph. Feel free to edit this paragraph by clicking on the yellow edit icon. After you are done just click on the yellow checkmark button on the top right. Have Fun!